The Pawlick atelier joins the paths of father and daughter.

Today, the designer Luhana Pawlick, who grew up surrounded by lace, tulle and the most diverse fabrics and dreams, directs the fashion house built by her father, Gesoni Pawlick. Such dreams were embodied in dresses by his hands, with whom she has learned the right measure of elegance, refinement and sophistication. Skills that are reflected in her creations today.

With talent in her DNA, her training in fashion designing was elevated by the experience of a designer who had as master, her father, a renowned fashion designer in Brazil, offering a personalised service for each client.

By using moulage as an asset to differentiate herself with a small number of trials, Luhana Pawlick creates unique garments, hand-making one by one and directly managing her team, and hence producing the highest quality and using precise technique in each piece. She produces garments with the same standards of international Haute Couture, and her pieces have earned recognition in England, where she excelled in the Designer’s Profile section of VOGUE UK Magazine.

The atelier uses exclusive textiles for her designs and focuses on valuing the Brazilian textile industry. Furthermore, she also works with suppliers from Guatemala, Europe and the region of the United Arab Emirates; not to mention the rich embroidery, a feature inherited from his father that Luhana uses with mastery to tailor the pieces appropriately to her clients’ events. All these elements form a range of options of different styles and textures, with the possibility of adapting the desired model to the budget of brides, bridesmaids and debutantes who seek it.

The classic-style Atelier, located 10 minutes from the centre of Florianópolis, in Brazil, promotes a refined and cozy atmosphere, offering an unique experience that her national and international clients deserve.