Born in 1946 in Santa Catarina’s countryside, Gesoni Pawlick, moved to Florianópolis at the age of 13 and worked a long way before reaching the top of Brazil’s high fashion industry.

Despite his humble childhood, Gesoni was always very cheerful and charismatic. Easygoing, easily made friends and met upper-class people in his youth, being able to learn and admire icons of painting and music. Proactive and willing to work, he never lacked employment or opportunities for his livelihood.

Having a simple life, in 1974, he worked as salesman in a fabrics store  at Florianópolis downtown. Shortly afterwards, seeking a higher salary, he switched career and started his new job as a realtor.

At age of 32, already married, and having his wife pregnant of his first daughter, Luhana Pawlick, he realized he needed to raise his home income. He used his textile skills acquired as a fabric salesman and as a costume designer in the theater, to begin his career as a haute couture stylist.

Modest, using pieces of lace and fabric he earned from the shop where he worked, and with his wife’s help in embroidery and cutting, he started to make for friends and family. Creative and self-taught and perfectionist, he received many compliments , after the balls and parties about his pieces, creating and expanding his clientele through admirers of the pieces he produced for his wife and for himself.

Having no more to reconcile work in the real estate area and making pieces, and inspired and encouraged by his friend Galdino Lenzi, also from Santa Catarina and stylist, in 1979 he turned himself totally into sewing, counting on a small team of seamstresses, embroiderers and tailors .

With the increasing demand for his creations and already noticed by professionals and critics of the Santa Catarina`s fashion, in 1982 his name already appeared throughout the state as an icon of gala and prêt-à-porter clothes. With exceptional charisma, friendliness, seriousness and dedication, his clothes reached the elite of Santa Catarina.

In 1985 he built an atelier larger than 400m², for two years later found the brand that bears his name. Over the years, Gesoni Pawlick became synonymous with good taste and refinement in the Santa Catarina’s fashion industry, and he was gaining notoriety all over Brazil, including customers in some European countries.

Counting with a team composed by more than 50 people in 2004, she opened Gesoni Pawlick Store, an elegant and luxurious shop where he sold and rented wedding and parties dresses, as well as suits and tuxedos.

Visionary, in 2007 he accepted the partnership with Canatiba, proving that jeans could also be present at more refined parties. For some years he created and made some collections of high fashion dresses using denim as the main fabric.

He consecrated himself in the Brazilian haute couture market, with the exclusive wedding dresses and debutantes embroidered in European crystals and applications of French, Italian and national lace of high standard. He had clients in the US, London, Italy, France, and Singapore, as well as clients who wore their dresses to marry in other countries.

By the fact of being an icon of the Brazilian haute couture, all the commitment and dedication have been recognized in magazines, newspapers, awards and mentions received over the years, such as the Super Cap Gold trophy, Alan Braga in 1995 and 2004, Best of SC 2004, Dress of the Year, by the Unforgettable Wedding, and so many others, including abroad with a collection inspired in Dubai.

His luxury fashion shows of extreme good taste were marked by the daring and impeccable pieces finish. He had in its casting the top models Isabella Fiorentino, Gianne Albertoni and Ticiane Pinheiro, among other celebrities that showed their dresses in fashion, party and bride events. He also counted on the Princess Paola of Orleans and Bragança, who closed the fashion show of the renowned Elfos collection.

Scissorhands, as he was known, Gesoni said that the perfect dress was one that dressed the soul, satisfied the desire and fulfilled the dream of women for one of the most important moments of their lives.

He has seen Haute-Couture in Brazil in a more comprehensive way, as a cultural connection between art, fashion and architecture, placing the female form at the center of this context. He was one of the few designers who mastered every step of creating a dress, including drawing most of his famous embroidery.

He had a different meetings methodology, since he used a reduced number of meetings to make the dress; one to create and define the model, a second one for the first test where he used an adaptation of the technique of the moulage, and the third and last to delivery the dress.

Gesoni Pawlick passed away in May of 2017, leaving a legacy of a modern and unique Haute-Couture, in addition to a legion of fans and clients throughout Brazil.

Today, Gesoni Pawlick designer label is taken by the sketches of her daughter and designer, Luhana Pawlick, who became the creative manager of the brand. The wedding dresses and red carpet are available at the Geswl Pawlick Store. 

“Before you dress a woman, you need to understand her soul …!” 

Gesoni Pawlick