O Atelier

Located 5 minutes from the center of Florianópolis, the atelier is led by Luhana Pawlick, and has a team trained in the classic techniques of sewing and European tailoring, in addition to having the ability to understand your idea and vision, and feel the spirit of each design from her sketches, thus ensuring the perfection of the pieces and the refinement of the details idealized by the fashion designer.

The renowned embroideries, one of the hallmarks of Pawlick, and also used
by major fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Schiaparelli and YSL, are made in “Luneville crochet”, Satin stitch, Ari, among others, bringing to the pieces what there is of the most exceptional craftsmanship from the perspective of fashion.

Mastery in these types of embroidery, as well as in plissé, matelassé and roulotté, add not only aesthetic and decorative value, but also artistic value (manufactured by hand, stitch by stitch) in the field of tailor-made and luxury Prêt-à-Porter , imprinting delicacy and sophistication, and in the case of Pawlick, maximum exclusivity.

tradicional atelier de vestidos de noiva bordado, zibeline, crepe dior, chanel, lunevile, vestido de festa

Pawlick carries history… it has essence. Create with truth and craft with purpose. Since 1978, it has carried on the tradition of the much-desired savoir-faire, which keeps it at the top of Haute Couture in Brazil, and which is applied every second, in every process and in every detail.

Hours of meticulous work using rhinestones, organic silk threads, beads, bugle beads and cabochons, allow the atelier to offer a range of options in textures, shapes and hues that will be chosen to enrich and decorate the clothing produced by the brand.

In addition to almost half a century of technique and expertise, the passion and dedication applied in all stages of construction of the pieces seek not only to dress with beauty and neatness, but to reflect the personality of each client personally attended to by Luhana Pawlick in the atelier.