Contact with high fashion began as a child, absorbing the dexterity and
beauty of the lines in the sketches made by his father, Gesoni Pawlick.
Graduated in Speech Therapy in Curitiba, she returned to Florianópolis
dividing his time between the clinic and the atelier. Over time, and
driven by her interest and taste for fashion, she took over the management of Maison Gesoni Pawlick. She graduated in Fashion and alternated her time accompanying production at the atelier, the Maison, and supporting her father both in customer service and management of fashion shows and events, as well as in the creation of pieces and collections. From the daily projects with Gesoni Pawlick, an icon of Brazilian High Fashion, she absorbed the philosophy of high quality, impeccable finishing and refined and cordial service.
Charismatic, with talent passed down from father to daughter and using a timeless language, she added her handmade and moulage techniques to her traits and personality to start her eponymous brand, Luhana Pawlick, at the end of 2015.
In May 2017, with the death of her father, she also took over as creative director and Head of the Gesoni Pawlick brand. In June 2018, she merges the brands "Luhana Pawlick" and "Gesoni Pawlick", originating Pawlick.
She specializes in translating the individuality and essence of her clients into dresses that blend elegance and refinement with the personality of each one, taking the exclusive to the limit.
Captivating, with an inherited gift and consolidated expertise, she masterfully manages the atelier with almost half a century of tradition in Alta Moda in Brazil, in addition to disseminating knowledge in workshops and seminars.

Luhana Pawlick