Pawlick rise from the merger of two brands with the same DNA,
"Gesoni Pawlick" and "Luhana Pawlick".

Renowned in high fashion in Brazil for almost half a century, the brand follows its tradition in the much desired savoir-faire in dresses with impeccable cut and fit, originated in 1978 by the stylist.

Merging the traditional with the modern, escaping from the commonplace and banal and circumventing trends and “fads”, Pawlick delivers unique and exclusive dresses, modeled on the body (moulage), made one by one, following the high standards of international sewing and tailoring.

A reference when it comes to the most luxurious fashion sector, the High Fashion in Brazil, it is featured in major specialized media such as British VOGUE, Velvet Latina-Dubai and Inesquecível Casamento, in addition to being present in the closet of customers who are fans of the brand and stand out for the status of the Pawlick logo (and everything it represents), even the most reserved customers who value the description of the labels, not forgetting those who want elegant clothing with some eco friendly feature.

We deliver something innovative, sometimes delicate and romantic, sometimes casual and informed, but always believable, real, emotional. Our mission is to create dresses and pieces that, in addition to being magnificent and exalting female forms and beauty, bring truth, are wearable and comfortable, authorial and exclusive, and therefore, luxurious.

About The Pawlick